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Play Store updates

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PureAndroidUser, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. PureAndroidUser

    Thread Starter

    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum....

    I would like to ask if there's a way to selectively stop updates for one of my apps?

    I have this app and I don't want to update it so for a while I have been manually touching "update" on everything but it.
    But is there a way to 'hide' it from updates???


  2. PureAndroidUser

    Thread Starter

  3. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    1. Launch the "Play Store" app.
    2. Select the menu (probably 3-horizontal-lines) in the upper left.
    3. Select "My apps & games".
    4. Select the "Installed" tab (if necessary).
    5. For each app that you want to automatically update, select the app.
    6. In that app's "update" screen, tap the settings (3 dots) in the upper right.
    7. Check-mark "Auto-update".
    Those apps will auto-update. The others won't auto-update.

    Personally, I hate auto-update. Often good apps get worse, or start forcing unwanted ads onto your phone, or just take up more space to support newer phone models or languages that you don't care about. I judiciously update my apps, only if it looks like the update will solve a problem or bring a desired feature. But that's just me.
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  4. PureAndroidUser

    Thread Starter

    Razz, I appreciate your help.
    You are answering a question I didn't ask. Unless I'm somehow misunderstanding your answer.

    I would like to be able to select just one app and make it never update again.
    In a way 'hide' it from updating at all.
  5. Can't you just remove the referenced checkmark on Auto-update fir that app?

    ... Thom
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    No, what the OP wants is to detach the app from the Play Store so that (s)he isn't notified of updates (s)he doesn't want to apply.

    You used to be able to do this (though it required root), but they changed the way the Play Store worked and broke that. I've currently got a dozen apps in this state :(
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  7. PureAndroidUser

    Thread Starter

    THIS is the answer.
    Thanks for actually reading my post and even more so fully understanding what I meant.

    Too bad there's no solution....oh well.

    Thanks again.
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  8. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Android Expert

    I'm confused. The OP asked if there's a way to "stop updates for one of [his/her] apps", not stop being notified of updates for one app. The OP seemed to not want to manually have to update every app EXCEPT the one app. My solution is to make all other apps auto-update, except the one app. It's the ONLY solution. I don't understand how it doesn't perfectly solve the OP's request.

    If the OP doesn't wan to be notified of updates for that one app, then follow the steps in my previous post and from the Play Store app...
    1. Go to the Menu (three horizontal lines) on the upper left.
    2. Settings.
    3. Notifications- App updates available. Uncheck the box.
    Then all apps will auto-update except for the one app. No notifications will be received about available updates.
  9. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    To me, I use the old axiom of:

    if it ain't broke, don't be fixing it until it is.

    in other words, never Auto-Update anything....
    if an app breaks, then that one should be updated, but not the rest of them
    since 1958, I have seen more electronics stuff, and computers, broken from folks who just can't leave well enough alone.
    If it is working, and it does the job, it is NOT broken....

    when your computer leaves the factory, all of the drivers to make the keyboard, the graphics cards, and the WiFi are working "just fine".
    I learned the hard way about 5 years ago, again, to leave well enough alone.​

    For some reason, in the middle of a late night, I clicked on one of those web provided "check your drivers" status....
    well, it did more than Just Check, it changed the Graphics card driver and when the PC rebooted, the screen was full of junk.

    I had to plug in an old VGA screen, and go into the BIOS to reload the original factory driver. that made every happy again.
  10. I'm a little more flexible but quite similar. My approach is ...
    Only install apps from developers who are trustworthy.
    Only install apps from Play Store or that I developed.
    Never auto update anything.
    Review each update before applying it.
    Only apply updates that I know are OK.​

    An example ... ES and ES Pro are very popular. The ES developer tends to slap in new stuff to ES before it is totally shaken down. They tend to not do that for ES Pro. I would easily accept an update for ES Pro and wait a while for an update for ES.

    These apps are constantly evolving. I choose to participate in that.

    ... Thom
  11. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Extreme Android User

    Even trustworthy apps can create havoc. Play store should be trustworthy, but how many wind up complaining that a new update has buggered the Play app on the phone? Weatherbug pulled that, and a lot of apps are now adding social communication. You can get crowd sourced weather reports or reports and comments from your neighbors.

    No thanks, I'll check the NWS.

    I read everything first, and if it looks dodgy, I'll watch on this forum or search to see what others are saying before I'll even touch it.
  12. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Android Expert

    It's still possible with root and X-posed framework. You'll need the StorePrefs module. I personally use it for exactly the reason the OP stated.
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