played with ICS, cant wait now!


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Went to verizon to get a tablet for my wife. I played around with the nexus for about 15 minutes. I have the moto xoom so ICS wasn't too foreign to me (ICS is very similar to honeycomb). I have to say that I loved it! I couldn't believe how fast and smooth the browser was. I had my bionic next to it and found the browser on the nexus to be crazy fast and smooth. I wondered how much of it was the 1.2 dual core processor vs my 1.0 dual core. So I pulled out my wife's brand new 1.2 dual core xyboard. The xyboard still didn't come close to how fast and smooth the nexus was. They made some really nice enhancements under the hood of ICS and now I can't wait to get it on my xoom and my bionic. FYI, I used ESPN as my test site. There were two other people who watched me test them side by side and they also were blown away with the difference.


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Wasnt impressed. The most impressive thing with the nexus was the camera and screen.

Interesting. The speed and smoothness of ICS didn't impress you? Its not the phone that makes it so fast, its the OS. Who knows how long it will take to get it, but I'm really happy we are.

The good news is that you now know that you don't like it so you can avoid the upgrade when it comes.


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Gotta agree, ICS is sweet! I used my friends Nexus for about 30 mins just to check out the new Camera app, the browser, the launcher. I was totally impressed.

But then he returned his Nexus for a Razr already. :p But it was fun while it lasted.