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Playing Local media Content Directly from Chrome!

Discussion in 'TV & Video' started by seasapart, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. seasapart

    seasapart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So after a little tweaking i was able to successfuly play my local media files directly through chrome instead of the built in Logitech media player.

    I setup my built in web server on my Qnap and uploaded my YAMJ AEON media jukebox files that i use for my Popcorn hour C200. I modified the path for the media files to point to my Twonky media files path. Then i opened up chrome and browsed to my local server web address and was presented with my YAMJ media jukebox web page. I browsed to one of my movies ".avi file" and I was able to successfully play the files directly from chrome without having to use the logitech media player.

    Im not sure what media player the logitech revue is using to play the media files within the web interface, possibly some built in player, not really sure but it definitely is not using the same media player as the one in the Logitech Media Player "it looks a little different and doesn't respond to fast forward/stop etc".

    Just wanted to share and mostly i just wanted to see if this was even possible.

    Here is the youtube link of the end result "sorry for the poor quality and lighting, i used my Evo and it was pretty dark"


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  2. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    Wow. Good work.

    You really use 172.0.* for your home IP?

    I'm guessing you can't use the built in search feature for these files though.
  3. seasapart

    seasapart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes you can, since they are twonky media files that are already presented to the Logitech revue and they already show up in the logitech media player so they are included as part of the search and do show up when searching.
  4. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

  5. half_wit

    half_wit Lurker

    I just registered a forum account to say thanks and that I'm trying it now.
  6. seasapart

    seasapart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the feedback, its appreciated. Im sure others will be doing some crazy cool stuff along these lines. In the video i actually only modified the path for the movie that i played, just because i was testing but it would seem that with some fancy scripting you could automate the whole process to get all the media content html file paths modified so that its not a manual process like i did. I havnt been able to figure out how Twonky generates the folder path names yet or if there is some logic to it. If i could figure this out the whole process could be automated with some modification.
  7. half_wit

    half_wit Lurker

    Did you modify the paths using YAMJ GUI? Can you post a screenshot?
  8. seasapart

    seasapart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i actually only modified the .html file of one of the movies in the jukebox output folder to test. There is only one lines in the .html file that i had to modify to get it working for me for that movie. search for file:///opt and replace the full path with Twonky path of that media file you are trying to play. Save it and give it a shot. Mine looks like this....

    The original path file:///opt/sybhttpd/localhost.drives/NETWORK_SHARE/Multimedia/Movies/NewMovies/300.2006.BLURAY/300.2006.BLURAY.avi

    The modified path that i changed it to below..

    The long O0$3$27I1008 folder name is the name generated by Twonky. For each movie i have Twonky generates a different folder name like the one above which is what makes it difficult to script the process.$3$27I1008/300.2006.BLURAY.avi
  9. half_wit

    half_wit Lurker

    I got it working. Too bad that every movie's HTML file has to be edited individually.

    seasapart - Where are you getting your Twonky path? I got mine from Media Player.
  10. drhill

    drhill Android Expert


    Did you have to do anything to get the search results to show up? I just bought the sony blu ray google tv player and I'm not getting search results. I believe I checked off every option in the settings for search.

    Twonky is working great besides that.
  11. sairakhan

    sairakhan Lurker


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