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Playlist syncing problem.

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Heartwire, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Heartwire

    Heartwire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey people,

    I'm having issues syncing playlists from my computer to my phone.
    Been searching all over the net for a proper solution but no luck with this.

    Here's my issue;
    Basically when i sync playlists from my PC to my phone, it saves the playlists on my phone as .PLA format.
    Now the only player that actually reads those playlists is my stock player.
    I have tried several android players, but non of them will recognize the playlists.

    On my PC for syncing i have tried

    All of these create playlists in PLA format on my device when transferring them, which wouldnt be a problem if i wanted to use the stock player.

    As for android apps/media players i have tried:
    -Mort Player
    -Media PlayerPro
    -Astro Player

    When i create a playlist using any of the apps on my phone, every other app is capable of reading them.
    However, the playlist file can not be found on my phone, or my SD card. so i have no clue what format they are saved to, or where they are saved too.

    I'm basically looking for a way to transfer my playlists from my computer to my android phone, and have the other apps actually read the playlists.
    The phone im using is the Samsung Galaxy S.

    Been trying to work this out for days now, but with no success what so ever.

    So if there is anyone that has a clue on how to get this done properly, id appreciate it.

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  2. Heartwire

    Heartwire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just a quick update.
    I tried the iTunes methods too. no luck with those.
  3. poppagai

    poppagai Lurker

    A quick hint... in Mediamonkey you can send your playlist by right clicking on it to an "m3u playlist"... then copy that playlist with your tracks to your sd card... Meridian media player, a free app for the android, will recognize and play the m3u playlist format. BUT... do not bother editing or adding tracks to the m3u playlist on the phone as when you send the playlist back to your laptop in Mediamonkey the changes will not register.

    If you or anyone else out there can figure out how to add, subtract, or edit tracks in a playlist on an android phone and then send the playlist to your laptop and have it work on the laptop, please let me know.
  4. Renton27

    Renton27 Guest

    I've been struggling with the same issue but Slaman explained just now (see here) that that wpl playlist files from winamp and, with further investigation, m3u files from other programs (I exported mine from foobar2000) will work with Music Playerpro. It's only one way syncing though, the same as Meridian.

    If you're unfamiliar with playlist files, m3u is a very widely used format and if your computer music player can't export m3u files (I'd be surprised) you can find plenty of tools to convert other formats to m3u.
  5. ernieball

    ernieball Lurker

    Hey, I have found a solution to the playlist problems on Galaxy, I have tried syncing with its crap Kies program or windows media player still could get easy and satisfactory result.

    I tried using my previous Sony's MEDIAGO program to connect my Galaxy and it recognises! Now I can create and import playlists to this program and just transfer to GS easily, that's what all mobile phones software should be able to do in the first place!

    Download - Media Go - Sony Network Entertainment

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