Pleas help me with K-9 Mail


Nov 11, 2009
Ok here is my problem. When I get an attachment in K9 mail. I can do nothing with it. A box will pop up showing the attachment, and it will have the open and save button as it should. But if I click on open, it says "Unable to find viewer for application/vnd. openxmlforats-officedocument. spreadsheet.sheet." If I click on Save it says "unable to save attachment to SD card" Anyone have any ideas?
Are you using K-9 or K-9 Beta?

I didn't have that problem with K-9...I think I did with the Beta. You may need to get a file explorer program like Astro. Could it be that you just don't have the right app to open that type of file, or is it happening with all types of attachments?
I am running the BETA app. Would I not need to save the file first before I can use Astro on it? It is happening with all file types even pics. I can open or save nothing.
Well first, I would uninstall the Beta, as K-9 dev. instructs to not rely on it for day to day use.

Astro is the equivalent of "Windows Explorer" and may get you to at least be able to save the file to the SD card, and manage it afterwards, if the production version of K-9 doesn't.

However if you don't have any programs that your attachments require, then they will definately not "open".