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PLEASE a FLIGHT LOG for military aviators HELICOPTER

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by johnnychimpo26, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. johnnychimpo26

    Thread Starter

    I would love a flight log for Military Helicopter pilots or even geared at just plain military with options that have more specifics to log. Everything is geared to wards airline pilots. There are quite a few out there that would happily donate to the cause.
    I have an excel program i could submit that some of us use to track our hrs right now. I could email for specifics if that would make it easier to understand. Basically just tracking hrs, pilots, currency, and what system IE goggles, Flir, Day, and night unaided.

  2. LordQuackstar

    LordQuackstar Newbie

    Seems like this app: intelliPilot - Pilot LogBook is planning on implementing that. By the time I would finish the upgrade would already be done.

    But I think that you are looking for military specific apps. What are ALL the fields that you need to log?

    And doesn't the military have its own logging system that you would be using?

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