Please can anyone help?


Hiya everyone
I purshed a magazine from the playstore to read on my samsung galaxy tab 2 which is great. But i would like to read it on my Samsung galaxy s3 phone aswell, can I do this or do ihave to buy the magazine again to read on my phone . Thanks wendy


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ive never bought a magazine but i think, if both devices are logged into the same google account, if you go to the magazine on playstore it should say "purchased"?

Or whatever the google app is called for reading magazines (is it google reader?) if you use the same login on that it should have a "sync" setting so that the magazine is on there too. Hope that helps a bit :thumbup:


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Hi I am being a bit thick do I find out which google account I used.I just went in to playstore and do I sync thanks wendy the silver surfer lol


In Playstore where you made the original purchase, click on your menu button, and then choose accounts. It will show which account you are logged into Playstore with. Then make sure you log into Playstore with the same account on your S3 and it will show your purchased apps for download/install there.