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Please cure my stupidity-- How to make a new S5 operable???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AppleUser, May 26, 2019.

  1. AppleUser

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    I enjoy the Galaxy S5 on MetroPCS which "rides on the T-Mobile network". The screen cracked, so went on eBay to purchase a new, factory sealed S5 identical model, G900T labelled SM-900T3 UD. Went to MetroPCS and they said this new phone must be unlocked! Referred to T-Mobile and they couldn't help. This sealed package was labelled "Family Mobile" from Walmart and uses t-mobile. T-mobile told me to contact FamilyMobile (FM). FM told me they would not unlock it unless and until a year of using their service, and that's over $320 over three times the cost of the new phone!! Feels like being a hostage. Stupid me - - - should have purchased an unlocked phone.

    Haven't opened the phone so have no idea if it has that small simm card, but at MetroPCS they are only $10.

    Called a local phone repair place and they said that they can unlock it for $70 and it will take a week to get some code from a "Samsung server". Huh?

    Any of you Android geniuses know if and how a consumer can unlock the phone? Must I throw it away? Give it away for a small tax deduction?



  2. PitCarver

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    Back when I had to replace my original S5, I made sure that the replacement was unlocked.
  3. AppleUser

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    That's wonderful. What should I now do with this phone?
  4. mikedt

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    I've never seen or had a SIM-locked phone myself, but from what you're describing it does sound like local unlocking service might be your best option. No idea why it would take a week to get an unlock code, I would have though that would have been obtained online there and then possibly?
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