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Please guys help me on my Android queries

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by hatman, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. hatman

    hatman Newbie
    Thread Starter
    Feb 20, 2010

    Feb 20, 2010
    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum and I didn't know where else to turn, I have so many questions and I havn't even owned my first HTC phone as yet only played with a Hero in a shop (was impressed!).

    I have questions relating to both HTC and Android that runs on HTC models. I am currently going to put my money on the upcoming HTC Desire.

    here are my questions:

    1. I'm a music fan and tag a lot of music. Is there a way to view all tag info in a 'file properties' screen of my music file's including album,artist,year id3 tags and also extended tags such as publisher,comments,lyrics, composer? -I really want to know and if possible if anyone can upload a screenshot from their Hero or even HD2 to show me what it looks like.

    2. anyone got any info as to if animated weather will be on the HTC Desire as is seen on the HD2?

    3. I have loads of FLV files on my laptop that I save from youtube and I understand that Android don't support it natively so what solutions (apps) are available to view these videos? Or do we all just have to wait (android) for the mega rich upcoming CorePlayer 2.0?

    4. What is the likelyhood on HTC ever supporting other non-standard features in their handsets? I'm thinking AM/LW/SW Radio to go alongside FM Radio and also radio recording. Additionally Xenon flash instead of LED flash.

    5. On my Sony Ericsson w890 the photo gallery app scans all folders on my memory card and shows them in the gallery (I don't like). Does HTC/Android generally do the same? Is there a way to control or restrict this?

    6. Again with images, I scan images to JPEG at large enormous resolutions for my own arcving (think of a JEPG at 4000x4000 res quality), has anyone ever experienced viewing such large image files from a computer to a HTC device? Does it view without lag? Should this type of image viewing be fine on the upcoming HTC Desire 1ghz?

    7. I would like store important login+passwords on my prospective HTC phone. On Windows there is an app called Steganos LockNote which is basically an encrypted text file in the form of an executable and you enter a password to read/edit that encrypted password. What method/s are there for HTC/Android without apps?

    8. With GPS could I be literrally lost in the middle of London, then I whoop out my HTC phone and it will pinpoiint my location right? Can I also instruct the phone in which destination I want to go and then it will act as a SatNav also am I right? Is there any cost to use this (always wanted to know)

    9. That lovely Sense UI main screen. Is the date and time fully customisable? I would like a 24hr display with full day name, day,month,year with bigger text, is that also possible in the settings?

    10. What is the audio recording quality like? I read that Android would have this thing called a 'patch' at it's kernel in native C code to allow recording in any other format than .amr. Is the audio quality as good as a standard mp3?

    11. What's the largest amount of music files anyone has ever loaded on a HTC device? I hear that if it's over a 1000 tracks then the media player would crash, is this true?

    12. Can Android apps use file associations like what we see on Windows? So does a filetype associated with an Android app open with that Android app? What about file icons?

    13. Is there a full graphic equalizer on the HTC music player and what does it look like (pic)? Also are there EQ presets (jazz, rock, treble etc.)? Do loading/saving of custom presets exist?

    14. Is there an app or native feature in the HTC Android handset's that allows for automatic selection and calendar storage of important times in the year? I'm talking Christmas's, Bank Holiday's, Easter Days, Valentines, Eid and then family member birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc. Would I have to store public holidays in manually? On the day of those special days is the user alerted via the main today screen?

    So many questions I know, but I want my first smartphone to be my all for everything and I heard these devices are amazing.

    Please try and answer or answer what you know of. Thanks in advance.


  2. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast
    Nov 5, 2009

    Nov 5, 2009
    New York
    There are many music apps, some which do a decent job of what they say they do. But you say you want to VIEW or WORK with the id3 tags? Most will work with playlists, or can sort based on Albums, Composer, etc... I use MixZing, look for it in the market and see if it fits your bill.
    I believe the Desire will carry the 2.1 and Sense update, so maybe...
    Convert them???
    SUPER &copy
    Yes, it does... Well on the Hero anyway. There are apps to hide or lock folders.
    Some pc's will choke on a file of that resolution... I think it MIGHT work, but I don't think you would be happy with the performance.
    ??? Not much... to my knowledge anyway.
    I can only speak from within the U.S., yes, it will work, but I think there is some issues in some Countries outside the U.S. with Goggle Maps and yeah, it's free. There are some apps coming out which will work on Android AND function just as any GPS but the MAPS cost and therefore so will these type apps.
    ? Not sure, but there are apps for everything and there are homescreen replacements... But then you lose the Sense UI, so it's a trade off - just depends what is more important to the user.
    You sound like an Audiophile... so you should know the BEST MP3 sample is still NOT GOOD audio, lol... I don't think that little microphone would make other than simple recordings acceptable, it all depends what you want to record?
    I haven't read this... but there will only be one way to find out.
    hmmm? yes, but of course if it is a NON Android app/file it may be unrecognized and yes, like most things Android, there is an app to do the Icon thing...
    Not in the standard music player, which isn't too bad but very simple.
    There are calendar apps, but it has been some time since I seen an app to do that. If you use outlook or the other productivity programs and or sync with them it may achieve what you ask here, otherwise you can do it manually and yes, there are setting for reminders.
    It's all good, omg lucky I'm on my laptop, hahaha or my thumbs would be killing me. Ultimately the Smartphones have come a long way and other than watching full HD video and some real crazy resource hungry apps you WILL be amazed at what these things can do. Most carriers (U.S.) have a term of use (Sprint = 30 days) where you can get the phone and if you don't like it you can switch to a different phone or go back to your old one. BEWARE though, like SPRINT... if you are on an OLD plan not carried anymore, you will not get THAT back though if you upgrade.

    Hope this helps... hahaha...
    Happy Trails


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