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Please help: 2.3.4 back to 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kshitij.Agr, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Kshitij.Agr

    Kshitij.Agr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I recently bought a samsung galaxy ace and updated it through kies to android 2.3.4
    but i am not that happy with it as some games like doodle jump and sims 3 don't work very well now
    so i wanted to ask if there is any way to degrade it back to android 2.2
    also is it a good idea to root a samsung galaxy ace

  2. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    Please explain what you mean by not work well??
    Its actually better performance for me.. but i think what you mean is you cant open as much applications as you did before and run them at once.. thats coz Gingerbread uses a little more RAM than Froyo
    Please reconsider before downgrading.. soon new apps will be only 2.3.4 compatible plus you will miss 640x480 video recording

    And for degrading if you want it.. Google it!

    And root access basically means like Administrator access on Windows.. so if you are smart enough to do Linux tricks.. and customize your phone yeh sure.. But do know it does not speed up you phone in any way (unless you cistomize the ROM or something) :D
  3. Kshitij.Agr

    Kshitij.Agr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi thanx a lot for the help and i think ur ryt its not a really good idea to degrade it any way i also wanted to ask u if rooting my ace will affect in its performance in d sense will d performance become bad

    hav u rooted ur ace????
  4. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    Yep i have coz i love messing around with an OS. its really not a big deal. Even you can gain Root access. Think about it like this.. If you use a windows user account as a guest.. you can use it perfectly right? but you just cant do certain stuff like edit system files coz thats only for Admins
    Well Android comes by default with you as a Guest user (or more like a Power User coz u can change certain things) not Admin.. So Root = Admin :)
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  5. Kshitij.Agr

    Kshitij.Agr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanx a lot dude well i have decided to root my ace!!
  6. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    No probs! Good luck!
  7. Kshitij.Agr

    Kshitij.Agr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    hi can u tell me some good applications which will work after rooting my ace also can u tell me how to uninstall busybox u know just for knowledge

    and one last question tell me how to apply themes using metamorph
  8. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    wow i dont know the answer to your last two questions at all!!
    Hehe i havent strted testing my ace with custom Mods and stuff..

    Good applications.. as in the useful ones for me were Link2SD and Gemini App Manager.. And also Autostart :)
  9. disturbedone

    disturbedone Newbie

    and ROM Toolbox Pro

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