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Please help a Newbie decide!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by chefbaze, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I recently cancelled my ATT account and went with Tmobile. They were giving the 4G Slide free with new contract. So I figured Id pay the Early Term Fee at ATT being that I was getting phone for free. The rep @ Tmobile told me the 4G Slide was the same as Sensation only smaller screen and slide Keyboard and better camera. So I went with it. Now Im finding out that you cant HDMI out from the slide, which Sensation has and I need for work. They dont want to exchange for a Sensation even though they are the same price and I wouldve never cancelled ATT and paid the fee if I knew the phone didnt have this capability. The best they can do is give me an LG G2X instead, which has HDMI. My only fearis Ive been reading alot of horror stories about the G2X being an unbearable lemon, random shut downs, reboots, screenbleeding etc. Is it that bad? I really dont want to have to pay for a phone as I already paid the damn etf at ATT assuming I was getting what I needed for free at Tmobile. G2X, or just keep the Slide and figure it out

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