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Please Help a Newbie

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sedatives, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Sedatives

    Sedatives Lurker
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    About 3 months ago I purchased my first Android phone, the LG Venice from Boost. At first I was ecstatic with the upgrade from a terrible flip phone from TracFone. I was finally away from an over-charging service and had a nice phone!

    Well 3 months later the phone is decent but am getting quite frustrated with a few issues. The battery life is terrible. WiFi randomly turns on even with it set to 'Never' in the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" advanced menu.

    Also the battery saver option doesn't automatically turn on when it reaches the preset battery level. I have to unlock my phone and hit 'Ok' before it actually turns on. Even if I have it set to always be on, each and every time I unlock it I have to hit the 'Ok' button to activate it.

    This being my first Android phone I am, so far, disappointed with the hype. If there is something I am missing or can do to remedy my issues please let me know. TYIA.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Hello Sedatives. I see you also posted about this in the root area.. is your Venice rootd? If so, you have some extra control over things. ;)

    Meanwhile, things do build up in smart phones, and sometimes a bit of maintenance is required to restore resources to normal functionality.

    One "quickie" is to shut down then take out the SIM and sd card and battery, then boot into the recovery menu and do a cache partition wipe (not a factory data reset, but that could do the trick too, if you're willing to "start over" with your phone).

    If you're rooted, you may have a special recovery menu. Let us know if so, and we'll guide you with that in mind.

    Have you gone in the Application Manager and removed cache and data from all 3rd party apps? That can help (you'll have to reset the configuration on ones you remove data from, but not the ones you only clear cache on).

    Also, setting syncing apps and widgets to not auto sync, but to sync on demand will really help, as it cut down on back ground services always running and polling for data. Stuff like Gmail/email, weather/news, Facebook and Twitter, etc. ;)
  3. Sedatives

    Sedatives Lurker
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    Thanks for the quick reply. No I have not rooted this phone, just learned what that was yesterday.

    I have very few apps downloaded and unsure what App Manager is. I use the task manager to shut off every app once finished. I don't use G-Mail, Stalker(Face)book, or anything else really that syncs. The Weather Channel app is the only one I use but only on occasion and not the widget.

    I have gone to Settings>Apps>Running and shut down everything I felt safe shutting down. Task Manager, Settings, Update Device, Bluetooth Share, Smart Device Manager, Voicemail, Connections Optimizer, LG Keyboard are the only things running. I know I can turn BT off when I'm not in my truck and I assume Task Manager and Settings disappear from this list when I exit it.

    Cached Apps include Home, Google Partner Setup, Backup, Google Search, Google Services, Google Account Mngr, DRM Service, Media, Alarm/Clock. Other than having a couple alarms used on a regular basis I am unsure of these other services being run.

    If there is any other info I can provide please let me know. Thanks again.
  4. Sedatives

    Sedatives Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Taking a look around I cannot find out how to get into the recovery menu. Closest I have found is to download and install a ROM manager. Also it seems that rooting this phone is pointless.

    Still can't figure out the hype over android phones. So far it seems to be an issue with ICS and not the phone itself. As much as I despise Apple, Apple products, and Apple sheeple, at least on the iPhone I can make a setting stay where I want it. Off means off and automatic actually does things without my input. I guess I will have to get over my issues with a phone that isn't that smart.

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