Root Please help, accidentally installed OTA

Okay, I had my phone rooted just running stock 2.2, last night an OTA came to my phone while I was at work, and my brother (doesn't know anything about root) accepted the update...

Now whenever I try to do something in Rom Manager I get an error message :"an error occurred while attempting to run privalaged commands." Set CPU does not work, and Super User is still in my app drawer.

Does anyone know whats going on, it appears my phone is no longer rooted, but I still have SU in my app drawer, how can I fix this? Is there a way to completely unroot my phone? or revert back to where I was before the OTA? Everytime I try to load Rom Manager and restore my phone it gets stuck with a picture of a phone and a "!" mark.


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from Rom Manager, reinstall Clockwork recovery (or SP Recovery if thats what you used). After thats installed, reboot into recovery, from there install your backup that I KNOW you made, didn't you???????
After that you'll be A OK

Side note, I was pretty sure all ROMs now a days blocked the OTA updates, how old of a ROM were you running LOL


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pretty sure he did NOT make a backup because IIRC accepting the OTA with a ROM backup would have failed to actually install the OTA and when you rebooted, you would have been back right where you were with root. so the fact the OTA took tells me no backup was onboard.


also.. no, not all ROMs block the OTA. in fact, many had to download a patch to block that. with the OP only having 6 posts, something tells me he was not up on this news and now POW!


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I think it's _recovery_ that blocks the installation of the update. The ROM will instigate the update, but it's recovery that blocks it. A simple patch (or manual edit) for /system/build.prop keeps the stock ROM from nagging and trying to initiate an OTA. That way recovery never has to deal with it.

I'm guessing the OP didn't realize that the stock FRG01B will replace any custom recovery with the stock recovery image upon reboot, unless the rooting process also addresses renaming or removing /system/recovery-from-boot.p, which one-click roots do not.

So, I'm guessing that the sequence of events is that the OP rooted his stock FRG01B with something like EasyRoot, and that his custom recovery was automatically replaced with stock. Then, the OTA update was installed successfully, and root was removed (as FRG22D OTA does).

The fact that the OP says he has a picture of a phone and ! means he's on the stock recovery image again. He could click volume_up+camera to enter stock recovery but what would be the point?

If unrooted, he can no longer reinstall his custom recovery via Rom Manager, and thus can't restore any previous ROMS, if in fact he has any backups. Nor can he one-click re-root anymore. Yes, he still has the SU app, but it's been rendered ineffective now. He'll need to use a more robust rooting method for FRG22D. The good news is that he'll have a rooted version of the newest stock ROM, FRG22D, as opposed to the previous FRG01B. Neall


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Pretty positive having a recovery module installed does not block the update alone. I am willing to bet that you must have had an actual backup recovery ROM made, not just a recovery module installed. Man, I swear that is what I recall - but to lazy to do the research for the OP. I wish OMJ was reading this to confirm that.

I would suspect he had a recovery module installed if he had ROM Manager as all legit root directions talk about installing a recovery module of either clockwork or sprecovery which you will not likely skip when rooting when you first root. but making an actual backup of the ROM many people do skip..

And since he got the OTA update, we know he did not have a patch - like Pete's - installed to block it.

Your sequence of events is possible I suppose just like mine is with the OP not having gotten the OTA blocking patch and thus, either way, he got unrooted. But yours relies on the fact that just having a recovery module in place blocks OTA and I believe it is having at least 1 actual backup ROM that mattered.

we DO agree :) that if he is unrooted, which we can assume he is I would say he is likely SOL and also agree, having SU does not necessarily mean anything and also agree, time to reroot by a proven method like what OMJ details.

Lastly, the diffs between a root on FRG01B and FRG22D are, IMHO, not much. you can read around in post about when 22D first came out and there were some vague security updates (like Exchanges server settings) and some such minor things that dont make 22D that much better than 01B. I still use 01B. but likely rerooting now will mean mostly using a 22D base.


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But yours relies on the fact that just having a recovery module in place blocks OTA and I believe it is having at least 1 actual backup ROM that mattered.

I believe my theory to be true, but I'm no expert. I'm working from memory here. If one accepts the OTA update, SPRecovery or ClockworkMod will block the update. Period. It's my belief that it doesn't matter whether or not there is a backup ROM. But... I also believed in Santa Claus until I was 15. :)

Lastly, the diffs between a root on FRG01B and FRG22D are, IMHO, not much.

Agreed! I rooted FRG01B and I've stuck with it. I could care less about FRG22D. I run stock FRG01B except for rooting, a ChevyNo1 LV 1Ghz kernel, and that painfully slow 32Gb Sandisk SD card which makes booting the Droid not just a job, but an adventure. I've never been one for themes or fluff that's in some aftermarket ROMs. Neall