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please help!!!!!!asap

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by reapert, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    yesterday i did a cwm and rom for a friend when i found out the rom wouldnt work i tried to go back to the backup i made and it told me e:format_volume:/dev/block/stl12 error while formatting /system!

  2. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert

    use odin to reflash stock rooted.
  3. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks blood for the reply already tried gave the same thing i used the ff19 files stock and rooted to try to reset and it still fails

    is there a way to just format the system ?
  4. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Android Expert

    Did you use Odin at all?
    Odin wouldn't care if its formatted it would just put your phone back to working order.
  5. vce2005

    vce2005 Android Expert

    Seems like you have a Transform Ultra....... This is the Samsung Prevail section and ROM's are usually device specific...... Means, you cant use a ROM made for the Prevail on another device.......
  6. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    yes i used odin for a prevail a freind has and its not taking the system as a stock format
  7. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert

    try installing CT on it and see if it works, it will format system to ext4.
  8. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    i used honeybread mod to see if it would help my friends phone prefrom better. thats how it ended up in a different format i think its also a ext4 formatted system i dont know if something with the script in it did something or what.

    side note did a odin back to stock nonroot its running even with formatting as it is now. very odd as the backup i made wont load with this error???
  9. Bloodawn

    Bloodawn Android Expert

    Anytime you use a stock Odin image it puts the file system back to rfs so it's no longer ext4 if you used Odin unless you flash another rom.
  10. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    im at a loss i figured it would of switched right back like you guys are saying it would. i think im gonna try different computer i think my atom n550 powered netbook aint cutting it. the scripting for odin is awesome for the prevail compared to the transform ultra. seems to hang sometimes for the transform ultra( wish there were more people over in the transform ultra :[ ) . let you guy know as soon as i get back from dropping off a friend at work if my hunch is correct for switching computers. thanks for the fast replies guys :]
  11. reapert

    reapert Member
    Thread Starter

    ok sorry for not getting back sooner but i got my computer in to my friends to try to fix the issue and it still failed to format :( i'm thinking i need to re download the files from home and try again. any ideas before i go back to loading files to the phone?
  12. lnr4e

    lnr4e Member

    That should do it. I have never had a problem with Odin only when the file were corrupt that's the only time I had a problem. Also just try to place all the files in the correct places that's what I do. I'm up for the night so I could help as much as I can, if noone else is up.

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