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please help, bootloop problem with DInc2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BSH, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. BSH

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    The DInc2 root subforum gets no love anymore, nor does DInc2, apparently. There are dead links and unsupported things for DInc2 in the many places to look for root goodness (here, XDA). I just got one of these phones, and am trying to root. I've got it pretty messed up. I thought I got to the point of being ready for Revolutionary, but that process failed. Now it's stuck in a boot loop. I can get it into fastboot from the miniadb (BTW, is there a way to get from fastboot back to plain ADB?). How can I get things back on track from fastboot? I've done all the steps in the thread to manually downgrade, but went awry at Revolutionary. I'd reload the original stock nandroid if I could - I ran a nandroid after the HTCDev unlock process. I know there's some super smart android folks around here that have helped tons of people, and helped me in the past.

    Thanks in advance. Mods, please move this to another forum, if appropriate.

    ETA - I was able to re-flash the RUU. It wouldn't take the radio update, but at least it's stable for now. I'll keep trying to continue on for s-off and root.

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