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please help compare BrcmBluetoothServices

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Andrew767, Jan 31, 2016.

  1. Andrew767

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    I would like to verify if the BrcmBluetoothServices on my Samsung Galaxy Ace is acting normally.
    Bluetooth services are disabled on my phone.
    This process BrcmBlue.. does NOT get listed by the phone if you look under either -
    Applications:"running services" or Applications:"Manage applications":"Running"

    But it is listed if you go to
    Applications:"Manage applications":"All"
    you see all buttons are inactive/greyed-out excepting "Force stop" option.
    Pressing "Force stop" does nothing, the button remains active.
    If you press it a second or subsequent time a dialog appears that says
    "This application will restart now. Continue? /OK/Cancel/

    P.S. I should mention, that the process re-spawns anyway. I've used 360-security to kill it and within a few minutes it is running again. Meanwhile using the OS's Applications:Manage:All:BrcmBlue page still produces the dialog asking if it is ok to restart the app when I know it is already running again.

    Further down on that page it lists the "Permissions" for BrcmBluetoothServices
    "This application an access the following on your phone:"
    - Your messages - Your personal information - Network communications - Services that can cost you money - Phone calls - System tools.

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