Help Please help - HTC Desire keeps playing music for no reason


Phone is driving me mad. It keeps playing an Elbow song which is in my music folder. So I'll be sat at work, not touching phone and it suddenly starts up. Its not set as a ring tone, etc.

So I go the music folder to stop it, but according to that its not playing anything. If I hit the play/pause button on screen then it starts playing a different Elbow song and I have both playing togetehr.

I have to turn phone off to stop it. What is causing this?


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
Hello binka.

It's very possible that another app/widget is not co-operating with other apps in the system. You may have to do a factory data reset, but first try a few other things.

If your music player app is not set as an alarm, either the app itself or via another alarm app/widget, in which case you could just reconfigure to not play music at certain times, do this:

Back up all music you want to keep (to your SD card or computer hard drive), then..

Menu > settings > applications > manage applications > (music player app/wildget) > clear data/clear cache/clear defaults (if available) then reboot your device.

If the problem is not solved, try uninstalling all (non-stock) apps related to media and syncing, such as Market apps (weather, news, etc), then reinstalling one at a time until the problem is seen again, then you'll have an idea which one is causing problems (I suspect Bluetooth, which can only be removed if your device is rooted).

If no joy, the reset could wash out the issue and is worth a try.

Menu > settings > privacy > factory data reset.