Feb 17, 2016
I'm not sure what the problem is with my ZTE model Z753G it will only let me download 1 or 2 apps at a time, before it says there is insufficient storage to download anymore. Then when I tried to move apps to SD,I get a message saying the manufacturer doesn't allow app to SD.Why then is there even a space for an SD card???
Try thinning out your SMS/MMS messages and deleting the call log if you don't need it. They can take up valuable resources. USER memory (where your data is) and SYSTEM memory are two completely different things. I do not use the SD card for apps, because the app still needs to go to the phone's memory to operate. I use the card for photos, videos, music and files.
Hi Heather, Your ZTE Paragon only has 4GB of memory available to install apps on. Some games can be over 1GB in size, other everyday/productivity apps can be up to 100 MB in size even before you start adding information to them. How many apps do you have on your device so far?
FWIW some games can be over 2GB now. So if you got a cheapo thing with only 4GB, forget it.

Myself I'm now thinking 32GB internal storage is what you want to be looking at, especially if gaming. 16GB at a push.
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