Please help...I may have posted, about the QUESTION MARKS, but it is not solved


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Can someone solve the problem of having duplicate Cell phone numbers for a contact

If their cell number is 555-555-5555, Then when I want to send a text, the numbers would show up like:

Joe Smith (m) 555?555?5555 (With the "?'s" in the number) and a 2nd one
Joe Smith (m) 555-555-5555 (where this is the actual number)

It messes up the voice dial and I have to watch and make sure I pick the correct name and number when I text, cause the wrong -one with the "?" won't get sent.

when you text, if I am sending joe smith, it will start to show the names with J, then jo, then joe, then joe s...etc. and when u get to the one you want, YOu can select it. Well, I can't use that feature, cause when Joe smith shows, it may well be the second Joe smith , without the "?"'s

Thanks so much
I thought it was numbers on the SIM card, cause I used a app to copy numbers on there, but I deleted them to problem solve, and the problem still exists.

Please. You don't know how much your help is appreciated.



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Thanks PlowRox, like I said, I thought that also, I went BACK into the app, deleted the SIM contacts, but the same problem

I"d appreciate any help. My funny way of saying, Keep working, don't give up on me LOL

Take care