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Please help me here!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mykeldrip, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Ok so i went from at&t nexus one to this(i know i know) now im kind of regretting it....trying to make my experience a little better here tho! One thing that would greatly improve my evo would be a little privacy!!!!! ok here is what i mean. on my nexus i used handcent, i had it set up to where it would just display the envelope and not who text was from or ay body of the text. well i can not get it to do the same on my evo!! Furhter more in the stock app that is included with the evo i can not get it to not display person and text body on the unlock screen! I tinkered through some settings found where i could uncheck that,only problem is when i do then my phone does not notify my in any way shape or form when i receive texts. i have tried messing with all settings in both stock and handcent to no avail!!!! please help!! This is what i want i would like to use handcent it to vibrate only(my phone stays on vibrate 98% of the time) i would like nothing to be shown in unlock screen i would like an envelope only on notification bar and i would like simple vibrate function!! thanks!

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