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please help me in live wallpaper

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by andstud2011, Feb 16, 2011.

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    hi there,
    I'm new in android and also in the android programing,
    i tl told me to start to learn android programming so i started it ,all the intiall steps i had competed ,now he told me to do live wallpaper,i had gone through the sample in the andorid,but i'm new in this area where do i has to start,please tell me a good tutorial to start the live wallpaper,
    i had gone through the sample
    How To Create Android Live Wallpaper - CodeProject
    Live Wallpaper Example - android10
    Android Live Wallpaper - Tutorial

    etc but all these are sample on special cases and they had done with extending different classes ,

    so i'm confused where to start,my tl asking for samples that i had done,he is asking me to do samples like
    StickMan LiveWallpaper Free - Android

    what to do where to start,please help me any one ,do any one had helping mentality please help me

    thanking for all


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