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Please help me - Oxygen questions?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nullen, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Nullen

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    I'm really confused after reading and reading through lots of posts and threads.. My head is about to explode, so hope one of you clever guys will give me a helping hand?! :)

    I've rooted my Htc Desire about a week ago and then flashed Oxygen-2.2.2..

    It all went real smooth and I was happy about the new ROM and all, untill I've once more got the low-on-memory-notification! :(

    Then today I went S-off (after lots of research) and now I really don't know what to do next..

    If one would give me a step-by-step manual - all I'm interested in (like most Desire owners) is to get more internal memory!

    I've been flashing F1 Gingerbread V3 with built-in A2SD+, but that did'nt give me any more memory (I have made an ex partition on my SD card)..

    So now I'm back with Oxygen - what to do?

    Many thanks in advance..


  2. rtb35

    rtb35 Android Enthusiast

  3. Flumme

    Flumme Android Enthusiast

    Actually, the newest Oxygen is here : Oxygen Forum

    The xda thread is not updated anymore with the latest Oxygen.

    If you are S-Off, you have the option to flash a new Hboot from Alpharev AlphaRev 1.8, that has a new partition layout. This will help you get more space on your phone for apps. This requires A LOT of reading faq's and guides here first, as it's kind of advanced stuff.

    Try to look at the oxygen forum for A2SD+ solution first. If something goes bad here, it's much easier to recover from :)
  4. saltire

    saltire Android Expert

    is your sd ext being used - download something like quick system info from market to check (did you create ext partition using Gparted?).

    If so there's a script that will also move dalvik to the ext partition - link provided by rtb35 - but i don't know if it works with latest 2.2.2.

    Next step is to flash the Oxygen R2 hboot. You've done the hard bit in gaining S-OFF, flashing a new hboot is relatively simple - see the guide on Fastboot and ADB and the toolkit both on here as you'll need the Android SDK on your PC. Set that up then:

    1 - Do a full nandroid backup first
    2 - Download the hboot from AlphaRev site & check the MD5
    3 - Boot into Fastboot (either from Oxygen power menu or press and hold back plus power)
    4 - Connect to PC - you should see Fastboot USB on phone screen
    5 - Open command prompt on PC
    6 - I tend to type 'Fastboot Devices' first to make sure you phone is recognised
    7 - Follow the rest of the AlphaRev instructions to flash the hboot
    8 - Go back to hboot, then into Recovery
    9 - Restore the nandroid you took in step 1
    10 - Reboot phone
    11 - Enjoy the space

    Just remember if you then plan on switching to a different ROM, you need to check it will fit in the Oxygen R2 hboot partitions and if not flash another of the AlphaRev tables - or go the custom route but that's for another day ;).

    Also recommend you download the downgrader hboot from AlphaRev in case you need to RUU at some point in future, as the current AlphaRev hboots are protected and won't get overwritten by RUU unless you flash the downgrader first.

    This might seem complicated but it's not really, just make sure you read up on what you're about to do first before doing anything.
  5. handy5876

    handy5876 Guest

    A2SD is built into oxygen. You don't need to do nothing. Consolidate at this point.
    I recommend that you put off dalvik to SD or hboot until later.
    A2SD should have done its magic in auto. If that has not happened then mostly it is partition related. Gparted gives the most reliable results. There are some guides on gparted in the forum sticky.

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