Root Please Help me restore my factory settings on my phone.

Hi everyone. About half a year back i made the mistake of trying to unlock bootloader on my phone so i could mess with app permissions and such. it didnt really work out but the phone has been working fine up till a couple months ago where the standard messaging app wouldnt work, i downloaded a messaging app from play store and now thats started to mess up too. so i want to restore to factory settings to make an attempt at fixing this issue. However when i made an attempt at this from the settings/storage/factory data reset. it just restarts my phone and loads up bootloader menu. it then loaded my phone back up with exactly the same set up as before i tried to reset it. So it has the same apps and such but no photos or videos etc. I also tried to reset it using the bootloader menu ( white background coloured writing saying relocked security warning etc. ) Also whenever i try to do a system update it just restarts to the "relocked security warning " screen. Please help me get rid of this and make it back to normal :(. Oh and i picked prefix as support because .. i need support let me know if its wrong so i can change it please ! :D


If you have bootloader unlocked then you can install a recovery(twrp,cmw) and wipe cache. Does your bootloader is unlocked or still locked?.