Root Please help me to flash or ressurrect my motorola atrix 4G !!!


Hi all...
i am new to this forum and hoping to get help from droid experts out here. i am totally new to the droid devices as well. i am a heavy blackberry users and just starting to like droid after my first purchase of samsung galaxy tab 8.9.
just recently, my brother gave me a motorola atrix 4G. to delete all of his info, contacts, and apps, i went to hard reset the device in a hope to restore to factory settings and started fresh.
but after finishing the process, the phone rebooted, the motorola logo with the red dots showed up, then there are something written on the screen " Modem did not power up (3), starting RSD protocol support"
and that's that. it won't go any further. what the hell did i do wrong ?
do i need to flash the atrix ? i don't know anything about flashing or fixing this problem.
please help me out how....if i have to flash it, maybe links to the flashing files needed, and step by step of how to do it would be great. just like i said, i have NO IDEA whatsoever about playing with droid.

Any helps out there would be really really appreciated as i am desperate to use this atrix.

thank you very much


Hello and welcome aboard - thanks for joining the community. Hopefully the kind folks over the Atrix (ATR) Support Forum will be able to assist you with this. :)