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Please help me

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NuNuLoLe, Nov 2, 2014.

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail2 Android, ive been havin alot of trouble with my phone Over heating, running slow, too many apps&Im very NEW to this, As in "I DONT KNOW HOW TO SETUP, MAKE CHANGES,&WHAT I NEED TO KNOW & DO FOR MY PHONE"...
    TODAY I was clearing data cache & uninstalling apps& force to stop (not knowing what I was doing),EVERYTHING IN MY PHONE DISAPPEARED/CONTACTS/GONE/I DONT KNOW WHERE IT WENT...I was literally ALWAYS getting LOGGED OUT of my accounts...every time I scroll around to find out what was going on HOMEWIZ stop working & took me off whatever I was on....From then to now ive been Googling&searching for ANSWERS&GUIDANCE but havent found any(Hawaii Time, started at 10am-Now 11:50pm)...please please please help me fix all that needs to be done with my phone???

    Also I would like to know,
    Which apps are SAFE for me to delete(I have alot that I dont use including boost mobile free ones that always on there)....

    My Device Software&PRL are up to date , Update profile&Update Firmware Are saying it cant update(in system upgrade in settings) I dont know what more to do please help.

    What APPS can I clear its Data & Cache ???*

    On my Phone, I have two Facebook apps, which one can I delete ?? Or what is the difference between the FB version & FB SNS version 1.1.0 ???

    Please, help me with steps to FiX my Phone To have better service, fast, reliable&fun & BACK TO NORMAL...

    Once again , I thank u for taking time out to read my Novel of troubles, Hope that you know exactly whats going on with my phone&that u can provide me with Answers Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Android.....

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    I've moved your post into the Prevail 2 forum. Hopefully someone here can help ya out. Good luck! :)

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