Root Please Help Mytouch 4g Rooting


Hello Guys, Im new here so sorry if this is placed in the wrong place. Heres a little background on my phone and my issue

I have a Mytouch 4g and it WAS under the 2.3.4 Software Update. There was already an issue with my phone trying to itself up all the time...After about a month of that it quit but that was an issue i was having for a while.... so I figured....Id be experimental and follow the online guides for rooting....I am a complete noob but I did think it was pretty cool and since my phone was already acting an ass from time to time, i figured...hey ill try it

I followed this guide and completed the steps 100%...My phone was successful is downgrading and was working 100%....I did not select ANY updates cuz i didnt wanna risk upgrading back to 2.3.4...Jus a precaution for a Noob

So after that I follwed these instructions on actually trying to root the phone using a gfree method on a tutorial on youtube

I followed all these steps with success as well....Once I got to the step to power off and check to see if the root actually worked...the phone powered off but trying to power back on (holding the volume down + power button) I had this problem.

***flash an orange light and vibrate 3 times when i powered on or vibrate 5 times and flash green when i tried bootloader***

Ive tried many times to hold the volume down and the power button but i never can seem to get to the Hboot screen to try any of the fixes Ive read about. Today, after leaving the phone on the charger over night, with just the battery (no sim card or sd)....I powered on holding down the power button + volume down and I FINALLY GOT INTO HBOOT :)

Sadly i didnt have my computer or directions wrote down on what to do next...The phone stayed on HBOOT for at least 30 mins but no too long after that...the phone was back off and Im back at the same problem...WTF

Ive read a few posts on how to repair once I can get to HBOOT...the problem is....The phone is having soooo much trouble getting there...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, AND IF I FIX, THEN PROVIDE ME WITH A BETTER METHOD OF ROOTING....THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH