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Please help Samsung galaxy ace gt s5839i questions.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    Hey hopefully someone can help me :) i just have a few questions regarding installing cyanogen mod roms.

    1. I have seen that CM 11 can be installed on model gt s5830 can it also be installed on s5839i? There seems to be a lot of info about galaxy ace s5830 but not s5839i. So if something applies to s5830 is it the same for s5839i also?

    2. If a new rom is installed does the device then have to be rooted again to use titanium backup?

    3. What exactly needs to be backed up before wiping the device and installing new rom?

    4. If in the future one wants to go back to the stock system does anything have to be backed up before installing new rom?

    Thanks i appreciate your time :)

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  2. Divergent

    Divergent Well-Known Member

    1. The roms are totally different so don't do it, you will probably brick your device by flashing an incompatible rom.
    2. Use Root checker for checking if you're rooted or not, when you're still rooted then there is no need to root again.
    3. Make a Nandroid backup ( backup of your current rom and optional your personal files ) this is in case that the flash will not succeed.
    4. You can backup your stock rom ( before flashing a custom rom ) and keep a stock kernel available on your device storage.

    I hope i helped you out :)

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