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So i made the switch to the note 2 from razr maxx and loving it. i can't find some picture folders in my sd card. Half of my camera pictures are missing. So I switched back to my razr and boom, my pictures are all there.
Why are some pictures folders not showing up on the note 2??? I have checked EVERYWHERE!


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Howdy andonakis. The Note 2 uses internal and external storage differently than the Razr. Sometimes the missing files are not missing, but have been moved to the "sdcard0" area, which is internal storage separate from the external, removable sd card.

Open "my files," tap "all files" and then have a look in there. You may find them.

If not, it's possible that they're still recoverable via USB cable and your PC. Hook up your Note 2 and take a look .. if the stuff is there on the sd card, it may just be a matter of dragging them to the folder you need them to be in.


=Luceat Lux Vestra=
"My Files" is the name of the stock file managing app, which is accessible via the "my files" icon in the app drawer.

If you're running the stock launcher, the app drawer opens when you tap the "checkerboard" looking icon on the far right at the bottom of the home screen.