Apps Please help. Status bar code.


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I've tried getting info from my people in the esteem community but I've came up empty. Not even sure if this is the right place.

Ok. This is what I'm trying to do. After you read it and if it needs smali editing to do so, just tell me and I'll leave it alone cause me and smali don't like one another.

Here's a pic to better understand.

The clear button only pops up when something can be cleared out right? The clear button sits inside the notification header/carrier label right?

What i want to do is have the entire noti header to appear with the clear button when something can be cleared and disappear with the clear button after it's been pressed. And then everything slides up to close the gap left behind from the noti bar. Make sense?

Normally, you press clear and just the button goes away. I want the whole noti header to go away with the clear button and everything slide up to fill in the gap.

I've tried a couple xml edits in the status bar expanded but nothing works.

Any help or info would be insanely appreciated. Ive been working on this for days and I'm ready to give up.