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I'm new to android 100% and im gonna buy a galaxy nexus today that has no service i have 2 questions is the nexus good for starters and the most important question is can i use the phone without service i know that i cant text or call people of course but can i still do everything else like will it basicly be like an ipod touch in terms of what you can do because i know that iphones let you use the phone like an ipod touch when service is gone but like i said i have zero knowledge of android thanks... oh and annother question is $150 a good deal for a nexus without service


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Yes, you should be able to access data via wifi and have access to Google's services like the play store. The Nexus devices are excellent for "starters" because they are pure Android devices and have no confusing manufacturer/provider junk ware or overlays.

Can't help you with the price question.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with the "new" toy!