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Please help this Noob root his i9000 - am lost!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by doktorV, May 14, 2011.

  1. doktorV

    doktorV Lurker
    Thread Starter

    have done a lot of reading over the last week trying to work out how to root my SGS i9000M, checking both these forums as well as xda & phandroid, as well as googling the issue and trying the Market. I've also checked out many YouTube videos on this topic but they seem out of date now.

    I am a total noob with regard to this - only heard about rooting a couple of weeks ago but I definitely like the idea. My 1st handset had to be replaced due to a sound issue (it had 2.2 Froyo) - was replaced with a handset sourced for Canadian market (linked to Bell - has lots of stock apps from them that are useless to me). I'd like to get rid of them to start with, but this handset is running Eclair 2.1 - didn't realise this for awhile after it was replaced and didn't actually understand the differences between the builds and firmware.

    So now i've got GT-i9000M, Eclair.UGJH2
    kernel 2.6.29darae.ahn@sep20 #2, firmware version 2.1-update1 (updated via Kies).
    I have tried the one click root download which put the update.zip file on my SD but when I tried to install this in the recovery mode (have discovered that I have the download and recovery mode buttons - also totally new to me!) there was a red error message:
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Have seen the Ryan ZA OCLF in Market too, but understand that the 'rooting' ability has been removed from that app.

    Have downloaded the Odin3 program to maybe try to root it via this method but am confused about how to get kernels/which ones to get...or even if that's what I have to do! can find various kernels etc at SamFirmware but not really sure how to use them.

    Am I even close to working out how to root this phone!?
    Please help!

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  2. Shine.

    Shine. Well-Known Member

    so your phone boots up and runs perfect no problems there? If so i reccomend you to install darkys rom(9.5) its amazing..when you read the guide and all that you start to think..F**k i cant do this..ahhha dont worry i been there! just read and read and read a bit more! this rom is amazing and when you flash it, it only comes with useful apps! PLUS it roots your phone:) if you wanna flash that rom(highly recommend) and have any questions just inbox me !:D

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