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PLEASE HELP with free wifi calling on android!!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Se7enwolf, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Se7enwolf

    Se7enwolf Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a rooted 2.2 android incredible phone but my reception at my house is terrible and I would like to make calls over my wifi connection for free.

    I have saw there are many different ways to doing this but either I am not setting it up right or they dont work any more. Some of these guides are confusing.

    Can anyone help? I have a google voice number and I tried setting up through sipgate but it keeps saying it fails to register on my phone and I don't know why.

    Whats the best and easiest way to get free wifi calls? PLEASE HELP!

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  2. LaCeS OuT

    LaCeS OuT Member

  3. Se7enwolf

    Se7enwolf Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks but how do you set up a voip client for sipgate?
  4. UKseagull

    UKseagull Android Enthusiast

  5. jakerobinson

    jakerobinson Lurker

    i tried the Sipgate/GV as well... i believe this company has deactivated the voip client.. i too cannot find anywhere on sipgate's site on how to enable a voip client...

    it says i have to "purchase a plan" I do have one 'free number" but it will not let me enable voip client in order to finish the rest of the setup..

    there 'help' section even tries to talk you out of using google voice as if its some inferior method to make calls... they just don't want to come out straight and say "hey, you're using us to make free calls, no fair" i think they have changed their site... anyone else have this experience?
  6. tmoney

    tmoney Lurker

    Sipgate sent me an invitation code via sms text message to my Droid 2 phone. Now what? I cannot navigate their website to set up an account. I am very frustrated; I had sent an email to their support desk and have not received any response. I am traveling soon to Japan and would like to be able to make and receive calls to the US via wifi on my Droid 2. Thank you.
  7. jakerobinson

    jakerobinson Lurker

    I did finally get a response from sipgate... they said my registration process got corrupted and they had went ahead and established my account... i was then able to log into Sipgate and complete my setup...

    although i still haven't figured out how to get all the moving parts working for the callback feature...
  8. tmoney

    tmoney Lurker

    How long did it take for Sipgate to respond to your initial inquiry?

    Thank you.
  9. jakerobinson

    jakerobinson Lurker

    i sent my original request on Oct 19th... they sent an autoresponse on the same day saying they 'would try to respond within 48 hours'

    i then received another email on Oct 21st asking what email i had registered with.

    somehow i also received another ticket with a different ticket number on the 21st

    I didn't hear from them until Nov 3rd when they sent this email:

    thank you for your e-mail.

    Due to a minor technical issue, your account wasn't fully activated during the
    sign-up process. I have however manually done this for you. Please now log into
    your account to start using our service. We do apologise for the inconvenience
    caused by this.

    If there is anything else we can help you with, do not hesitate to get in touch
    with our support again. Thank you!
    Kind regards

    so it seems it will take about 10 days if that is a normal response...
  10. tiredhiker

    tiredhiker Well-Known Member

    Try Gizmo5 or Voip.ms
    Much cheaper than Sipgate. About 1 cents a min to USA.
  11. tmoney

    tmoney Lurker

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I will be traveling in Japan and Korea for business in the month of December and January and would like to be able to make both outbound calls as well as receive inbound calls from the US on my Droid using a VoIP Wifi solution (my son is at an age where he calls every night (US time) when I am on the road.

    If anyone on this forum can guide me (I am a bit of a slow learner) on how best to make this happen, I would be most appreciative.

    Thank you.

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