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Please help your favorite forum!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by EarlyMon, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Looks like Google has their page ranking favoring sites with threads that have been +1 liked.

    Please +1 your favorite, helpful, critical or just downright fun threads.

    We're a big site, we were the first dedicated site showing the love - and we need your support.

    Cheers and many thanks! :)

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  2. sfbloodbrother

    sfbloodbrother Extreme Android User

    Awesome, I have the +1 add on in Chrome, I'll be sure to +1 my favorite threads. Thanks.
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  3. huh

    huh Android Expert

    Do you mean on google+?:eek:r on this forum? how would I +1 on here? :thinking:
  4. MoodyBlues

    MoodyBlues Compassion is cool!
    VIP Member

    When you're in a thread, there's a g+1 button right above 'Rate Thread' (at the top of the thread).
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  5. sfbloodbrother

    sfbloodbrother Extreme Android User

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  6. huh

    huh Android Expert

    I see it now! :) I guess I couldn't see it on tapatalk..THX!
  7. huh

    huh Android Expert

    wait!..I did it and it linked to my G+ and said it was publicly endorsed ..with my real name:/ ugh.....stupid Gplus real names!!!:rolleyes: maybe I should change that to huh..(trademark) darn!!! I can't figure out how to make the small stupid TM thingy next to my name as well:eek:

    carry on
  8. Revenant Ghost

    Revenant Ghost Android Expert

    You could try this.

    7 Ways to Type the Trademark Symbol - wikiHow
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  9. huh

    huh Android Expert

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  10. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest

    Emperor Stinky gives his approval!

    And since I am such a coward hiding behind my key board i used my other (FAKE COUGH COUGH) G minus / plus account to plus / minus one you guys!


    Evil Emperor Stinky Approves!

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  11. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest

    How do you guys check all the others that G plus minus this article to become ultimate stalker? :)
  12. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest

    Stalker Stinky version 10 000


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