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please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ghostschip, Jul 14, 2017.

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    i have a samsung s6 edge plus SM-G928F which has suddenly started to act weird, one month after the new nougat update one day it started to become not only slow but also it started to show double keyboard when i tried to type anything. it will work normal for 3,4 minutes if i turned the display off and then on again but after that time whatever i clicked it will show static like tvs show,by the time night came it was unuseable. i wasnt sure what was causing the problem so first thing i did was hard reseting it. it solved the problem for a few days then i downloaded games from play store and same problem started all over again. i thought maybe its a virus so downgraded it from nougat. again it worked fine for 12 days straight with normal gaming,so downloaded a heavy game (it was a new game never played it on this phone before) and after an hour of playing that game my phone went all crazy again. now the problem is no one in pakistan knows how to fix it. i went to 5 different repair shops and 2 of them said the screen is broken from the inside and 3 said its the motherboard. i dont know who should i listen to. now its been almost a month since i started having this problem and i have noticed if i dont play any game and disable google play services my phone works fine. fast as before but the moment i start playing a game it goes crazy. my phone never fell or had any contact with water..help please

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