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Galaxy S5

I had been having random issues like my contacts, or S-Voice/S-Finder erroring out. only, oddly, after I had pressed the power button to close the screen. (Which i didnt realize initally, just thought maybe I hadnt fully hit the button) I would then hear my phone making pitiful muffled sounds as my pocket or purse abused it and the screen albeit noisey was on the error page as though nothing had been touching the screen. I would then end app and -deliberately- press power button. And the device seemed fine, as I said I thought this was just a weird quark I'd developed in a hurry to pit phone away. Then.... my battery began draining extremely rapidly even with power save on and display turned as low as my eyes could handle. It's also struggling to charge if battery falls under 50% ( I am using Samsung cord and outlet)

And finally, it had been pestering me for awhile to update OS and so I did... or rather tried. It freaked out -a kinda of screen stuttering is about the only way I can describe it- and flashed a very quick too long too read in 3 seconds message that my OS had been changed and I could not update. There was more but again I couldn't read it and it sent the report to Samsung.
I bought my phone new a year ago to replace a lost S5 (that I found that night) and it's in fine shape, no damage, has not been dropped or banged, have only been using it since May. All apps are set to NOT automatically update, I haven't installed anything new since I began using the phone May and I am about as tech-savvy as Fred Flintstone, I have not made any changes to any apps, or programs, ever... and the issues are becoming increasingly worse. The battery is almost impossible to keep charged I need to carry a charger everywhere and the goofy contacts, S-voice errors are every time I attempt to lock my phone, and when I just attempted to update again, to see if it had somehow miraculously fixed itself, it gave me another too quick to read report then a slightly less fast "Internal Error 407"

Please help me get my phone back.... Hopefully without hard reset

Xavier Black

Android Expert
You can always go to the 5.0 firmware..and I believe it's more in sync and comparable to that "s finder" that you seem to enjoy so much..That's where I accidentally got put back from 6.0..and has just a few bugs..not biggy..but be careful, once you are on the 7.0 there's no way back..and stuck for ever up there