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Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrudang, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. mrudang

    mrudang Lurker
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    Hi! Using HTC Wildfire (Buzz). Trying to install new ROM after rooting my phone, but not successful. Totally new to this scene. I went through a lot of forums, first unlocked my mobile using htcdev website instructions. Then used superoneclick to root my mobile. Now trying to take backup of existing rom and install new rom using rom manager. But unsuccessful. Have no idea how to proceed further.
    Current details -
    Dec 13 2011, 12:08:54

    I first used option 'flash clockworkmod recovery from the rom manager. Then I used the 'reboot into recovery' option of rom manager. Phone restarts, first the htc white screen is seen, then I see an image of a phone along with a red question mark on top of it for about 30 secs. Then again the htc screen comes on, and the phone restarts into standard, old screen.

    When I use option "backup existing rom' same process happens.

    Am I missing out on some other process? Please help!

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  2. Matthew1998

    Matthew1998 Lurker

    I have this phone but i'm no smart-ass but i've put a few custom roms on it before. What i did was.
    Power off device
    Hold down power and down volume key untill your in hboot
    scroll down too recovery with the volume keys and click the power key
    It will then boot into recovery, select install zip from sdcard
    choose zip from sd card
    then navigate to the .zip file and click the power key and it will then install a new rom.

    I hope this was right, Matthew. Good-luck!

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