Root Please help!


I tried to root my Note with Odin and pda.tar. Followed directions using the volume down and power button to be able to d/l and pressed start and it all weln well but now it is stuck on the Samsung screen and I don't know what to do. When I first go the phone last April 2012 I had no problem rooting it. Then when the software update came out I guess after installing that the phone needed to be rooted again. I am pretty new to all this. Please help. :( Thank you so much in advance!!!:eek:


OK Computer
Ok, I think you are now running Stock ICS? You need to be careful doing anything that involves a factory reset in ICS as you can brick your device (search 'emmc brick bug' for more info).

Hopefully that is not what's happened. Follow my guide here to root/install cwm and install a safe kernel. With the safe kernel installed you are free to factory reset without risk of bricking your phone. If you still can't boot the phone after that then install a new ROM of your choice through CWM.