Root Please hrlp!

I have a ZTE warp sequent N861 ROOTED.," that being said I was running an UNOFFICIAL AOKP ROM "SWAGGER" UNFORTUNATELY" , I was trying to change roms when my screen went black, after I installed the Rom I was trying to change to. My main question to anyone who can or may can help me is, did I "BRICK" my device or can I install another rom correctly? It will boot into recovery but I see NO record of any backups ???? which were intalled but no trace of them???

I am a novice (meaning very new) at roms,rooting,modding Android or anything for that matter, but I am really obsessed with learning everything I can about android devices and I suppose this is a part of the learning sucks but true!:dontknow:




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hey dmillz, glad to see you made it here instead of trying to beat information out of the guys at xda lol. they do good work but man do they hate zte

anyway, so yea not really sure what happened to the phone or to your backups... but you can always install a fresh rom over them, and always be careful to use only roms built specifically for the warp sequent, not the warp, not any other device, its happened before and it causes permanent failure. that being said head into the all things root section and pick one you like and reflash. basically as long as you dont break recovery or your bootloader youre good to go


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Download one of the Roms in the rooted section. Connect phone to computer. Boot into recovery. Goto mount usb. Transfer the ROM and proper gapps to sdcard. Wipe memory, cache, and dalvick. Reflash. Rom then gapps. Reboot.


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I found out fast the dislike among the xda alumni for ZTE, & I understand the company has a few kinks (to put it lightly) with sharing proper & correct info u guys (DEVS) need, but I wish they would be a "TAD" more courteous to noobs like myself who are trying to get by and learn with a fairly cheap device with decent specs, BUT YES I DEFIANTLY APPRECIATE YOU'RE PROMPT REPLY AND ADVICE! Keep up the great work!, I was able to get back up & running again thx again!