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Please listen to my song and let me know what you think!!! :-D

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Member243850, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey everybodys!~!~Q!~!~~~~~~!!!


    I made a really nice (to me! :)) new song and I really wanna share it!

    I was given a Casio Electronic Keyboard (by a very good friend of mine) because he sometimes he used to see my going to my grand parents and playing on their Otto Bach (which is a lot older then my grand mother so I really don't like even playing on it in case I mess it up! I don't feel good playing on it because it is almost over 90 years old and don't want to break it! Feel guilty playing on it. It was given to my grandmother by her mother but they say I play beautifully but I am still not okay I might damage something so precious.)

    SO after my friend heard how much he likes my music he said because I play so nicely (to him at least heh! :D) and he is still amazed that I have never had a single lesson and I like to "fiddle" with the keys to see which work with which he GAVE me a FREE CASIO TONE M70!!!!!!!!


    My friend the guard at our guard house to our gated complex gave me something that he knew I would seriously appreciate it.

    I don't give a damn if it looks like it came from 70000000 BC or 10 000 years old I don't care.

    This electronic keyboard is AWESOME and I am extremely lucky! :)

    But it is also like 11pm at night here so I sadly had to turn the volume down on the Electronic keyboard to not disturb the neighbors :D



    (Please note I have never had any lessons and I really really messed up a million times in my song. :))

    Also note that the song has a clever meaning with it's name because there are meant to be 3 different "stages" or it is meant to represent many different stages of growing up and different ways.

    It gets "richer" as it goes.

    Also note I am struggling to figure out how to get many many many more notes to "work" with each other and not sound out of tune. :D

    I want to make many notes work "together" so it can make a much richer sound.

    It is very "mono tone" but that is because I have no idea yet how to make them all work simultaneously or something. :


    You will need to turn your speaker(s) up if you want to actually want to hear it because I did not want to wake up the neighbors! :D


    Let me know if I suck dork or not? :D

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    It stinks.

    That means it's good, right?


    No, I like it, doood. You're talented. ;)
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  3. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito

    Sounds sweet, I think you need two playing in harmony ;)
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  4. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey thank you dodgy looking guy in trench coat! :D

    Good Lord don't hurt me! :D

    But it does sound waaaaay too mono tone!

    It sounds kind of "flat" (can I use this word?) because of the mono tone kind of thing.

    Hey thanks bud! :)

    Ja I totally agree!

    I am trying to figure out how to which keys go together with which?


    I will keep fiddling here! :)

    Wow I am really lucky I got this guy!

    Here is a photo of it I stole off the interwebs and it has many many different settings I am still trying to see what they all do. :)

    I think it is from the 1970's / 1980's but it still sounds GREAT (not my playing I mean the sound itself! :p)

    Thank you guys your feedback is highly appreciated!


    It has got a really really good sound don't let the creepy looks from the 80's scare you! :)

    Now that I think about it... I think this is older than me! :eek:

    Wow... and I am really glad I don't have to play on my Grandparents Otto Bach anymore because that awesome guy is very very very old and I was really not comfortable playing on it due to by accident damage.

    I really no longer wanted to play on it when I asked how old it was even though my grandparents were more than cool with it I was not.

    Score! :)

    Got my own piano now!!!!!
  5. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby 100% That Guy
    VIP Member

    I like it but it needs more cowbell.
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  6. MrGlowy

    MrGlowy Android Enthusiast

    Needs a breakdown.

    Jk, it sounds good. :p
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  7. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Heh! :D

    Thank you man. :)

    What is this funny "cowbell" thing every1 keeps talking about? :D

    Hah! :D

    Cracks me up! :D

    Got no idea what this "cowbell" thing means! :D

    heh :)

    Hey thanks man. :)

    But very monotone need to add a lot of things though somehow. :D

    I want to add violin software for my computer or something but need some kind of software for that like this:

    "Violin Noises R Us" or something like that. :D

    Hopefully I will find it but it is all good if I can't. :)

    Thank you to all for your wonderful comments. :)
  8. general eclect

    general eclect Android Expert

    I think what you're looking for is 'chords' You obviously have a good ear and can translate that to sounds. Keep experimenting, you may even find new chords!

    Ever heard of the Hammond B3? It's an organ made originally in the sixties (I think) that has an absolutely awesome tone, especially when used with a Leslie speaker. They used to very popular as a home instrument and hence you can pick them up for free or next to nothing if you keep your eyes and ears open. They are actually worth quite a bit to the right people. Jon Lord from Deep Purple used to use one in the band, Booker T Jones from Booker T and the MGs used one also. A few of the greatest jazz players who used them were Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff. Check out some of their stuff on yootoob. One of my favourite R & B Hammond players is Ron Levy (he played for BB King for a while), check out this great track of his:

    or this one from the same album (B-3 Blues and Grooves):

    My favourite Australian Hammond player, Clayton Doley, can be seen in quite a few of the vids on my yootoob channel, bluepov.

    All this is to try to enthuse you to play more man, you have lots of potential IMHO. When you're good enough, come over here and I'll be happy to shoot some video of you (if you'll let me :D)...
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  9. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey bud! :)

    Wow thank you for your nice thoughts on my song! :D

    You might like my other 1! :)

    I was 18 when I made this 1 though I think I was very depressed: (go to post 3 if you want to hear it. :))


    Sometimes when I listen to my tune "The Black Keys" it sounds very happy but then there are times when it sounds very sad as well.


    I think this casio is actually not able to play some chords simultaneously.

    I think I am finally starting to figure this out and that it is actually struggling to play many chords at once??? :thinking:

  10. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito

    It sounds like its not multi-timbre, or monophonic. I don't remember, which one, its been a long time since I touched a keyboard :)
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  11. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey bruizer thank you! :)

    Ahhh! So I see you also dig keyboard hey? :)

    The best instrument ever!

    It is such a cool instrument I way prefer this to the guitar.

    I also love guitar but piano be me favourite ek se by a long shot bruizer. :)

    I realised that I am struggling to make this casio to play many keys at once now.


    Hmmmm... I realised that when I played "The Black Keys" at my grandparents house on their Ottoa Bach like a 90 year old piano which I don't want to break so I stopped playing on it.

    Anyway, long story short I totally remember that it can as many keys as you want all together.

    If you could clone yourself and play all the keys at once they would all play but I can't do this on my casio.


    I think it cannot play many keys together but I was very very very lucky because it is a wonderful gift by a great friend but it is not playing many keys together... hmm....

    I can see many do not work when you press them both together because it will still only make the 1 sound.

    Never mind it being out of tune because I can't even hear them play together...


    Hmmm I need to research this and see if any one else has the same problem here?

    I will check this out some time.

    Dang... I wish I had more time to play at times....!


    Running out of time like crazy these days as you have gotta be "forced" to join the stupid rat race...

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  12. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    So when can we expect to see you on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? :D
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  13. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey buddy!!!! :D

    Missed you dude where in the name of the theoretical primordial soup have you BEEN!?! :D


    I will be on the rolling stone when I get this point here :) :

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  14. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Hahaha. Well keep practicing, I expect to see you on the cover in less that a year buddy! ;)
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  15. jonbanjo

    jonbanjo Well-Known Member

    According to the manual, the Casio MT-70 should be able to play 8 notes at the same time.
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  16. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Oh my hat! :)

    Thank you thank you thank you! :)

    What am I doing wrong?


    I play 2 or try 3 keys at once but I still only hear 1.


    Is there is some kind of setting here somewhere I am missing?


    I was never the sharpest troglodyte in shed you know! :D

    Got my degree in "Trollology" after the 10th attempt!


    Thank you very very much for the manual dude!

    Shot / thanks! :)

    I am going to look at it now. Maybe I am doing really stupido. :D

    Put it on google drive so I don't lose that manual! :)

    Thank you I seriously appreciate it. :)
  17. jonbanjo

    jonbanjo Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid I can't help beyond finding that on the Internet I have got a keyboard but it's a Yamaha one. I hardly ever attempt to play mine (or any keyboard instrument). Its main role is to act (via an Edirol UM-2 usb midi interface) as the midi output device for my desktop PC.
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  18. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest
    Thread Starter

    No worried dude! :)

    I 500% totally understand that! ;)

    I am just very grateful you found a manual I am gonna check it out but got a million stuff for my exams around the corner (about 3 months but I want to be 10 000% prepared for them) so thank you very much! :)

    Thanks dude and take care! :)

    Have a great evening. :)


    Stinky Trolly :)

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