Please post your Boost 3g speeds


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Reading other posts, it was mentioned Sprint throttles Boost users speeds down. IF you have an android phone here is the app to test your speed app
(disconnect your phones wifi connection before testing)

I did two tests at different times of the day on their CDMA on the Prevail:
Test one(medium reception evening): 500 ave kbps up and down
Test two(medium high reception mid-day): 600 kbps down, 250 kbps upload


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I did 3 pulls

1-2480 down ... 599 down

2- 2482 down... 829 up

3- 1841 down...891 up

Measures in kbps

Not sure these speeds decent?


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20-120 down and about 150 up on average here which is just sucky. My down is worse then my up how bad is that? Running a prevail with ctmod [GB] with no changes to what ctmod changes to my phone.


Raleigh, NC (just south of)

LG Marquee stock

Test Ping Down Up
1.....1011.. 163..... 81
2.... 647.... 283.... 158
3.... 653.... 313.... 47
4.... 307.... 263.... 33
5.... 559.... 251.... 77
Av.... 635.... 254.... 70


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Sacramento, CA


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Mansfield, Ohio

Interesting item: Holding the phone I got:

Ping: 152 ms
DL: 443 kbps
UL: 678 kbps

Phone on table beside me:
Ping: 165 ms
DL: 968 kbps
UL: 609 kbps


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During what times are you guys doing the tests? I've only gotten 1mbps and up during the night

Edit: Nvm... I see the times in your screenshots

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I transferred from Sprint to Boost yesterday. I bought Samsung Transform Ultra.

NYC area
1st - ping: 136ms - down: 114kbps - up: 323kbps
2nd - ping: 235ms - down: 169kbps - up: 378kbps
3rd - ping: 173ms - down: 239kbps - up: 354kbps

wow, this blows


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I live in southern MD. i used to get average speeds of 100-350k download. for last one week....the signals would drop intermittently when i am at my home. the phone would make the notification tone for signal.....then the 3G speeds came down to 10-50 K download :(
then i used a sprint PRL yesterday...speeds were 500-800K....i was delighted :)
but now even with sprint PRL speeds are back to 10-50K download.....and same signal are dropping intermittently.....any suggestions?
BTW...i did use the 3g supercharger and V6 supercharger and EDVO=4gv thing....but it didnt help at i restored the nandroid back to original....still using 01115 PRL though..... the stock is 61007 which gives same speeds :(


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