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So people keep asking the same questions over and over, and all the answers are already here. In an attempt to stave off some of this, I am putting together a link oriented FAQ of sorts that hopefully will get some attention. If this could get stickied, that'd be great. :)

1- Rooting your phone
When it first came out, rooting was simply a matter of running towelroot and installing the Superuser app of your choice. Now there have been updates. If you are still on v3, and don't wish to update (although updating is recommended) then root away. Otherwise, please see #2.

2- The v4 Update & Root
If you update via OTA, or have recently bought your Volt with v4 already installed, you will not have root, nor will you be able to get root. To remedy this situation, you have first roll back to v3, then update to v4 via the prerooted ROM available here. Here are links to the relevant threads:

Roll back to v3:

v4 prerooted ROM:

3- Safe to remove apps
This hasn't really been a big topic, but it should be mentioned. I have posted a list of most of what I have removed, and what I currently have running as far as system apps, along with a couple notes on issues I experienced. This is not a list of everything that can be removed, just what I have gotten rid of personally. Use the link below to see said list.

4- Tethering
Go get WiFi Tether Router. $2.50 on the Play Store

5- Is the bootloader unlocked?
Yes and No. While the phone may say the bootloader is unlocked, flashing unsigned packages is not possible due to secureboot software. We can, however, run CWM via fastboot which can be used to make and restore backups and flash packages. See link below for instructions.

Enable fastboot:

Running CWM:

Installing CWM: NEW!

6- ART or Dalvik
Initially, while our phone has ART as an option, it has not performed well. To my knowledge, this is still true with the v4 update, but I do not know that anyone has done any testing on this.

Now, I am going to assume that you are all capable of fully reading the posts linked in this thread and that the problem is simply no one is bothering to look. As always, assume that anything on this forum can potentially brick your phone, especially if you don't read everything. Any wrath wrought upon your device by the gods of technology is completely your responsibility, we warned you multiple times.
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can this be stickied? I'm certain newbies, experienced users, and experienced users with other phones who are migrating to the Volt will find all of this extremely useful. I certainly do.


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I added a link to the Bumped CWM thread in the unlocked bootloader section. I've also updated my safe to remove apps list. :)