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PLEASE READ: Reguarding the 2.1 Update for the Motorola Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trident, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Verizon just shot out a statement to let everyone know that the over-the-air push is "being deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon." Should you happen to be one of those lucky test users, please grab the update.zip file off your SD card and share it with the rest of us. To do this, follow these instructions:

    1. You will first see this message appear on your phone if you are one of the testers:
    -Press "Install Now."

    2. The update will then download in the background.

    3. The following message will then appear:
    -You may press the home button but DO NOT PRESS "Restart & Install!"

    4. Plug you phone into your computer and mount your SD card. You should now be able to browse the contents of your SD card.

    5. On the root of your SD card, you will see a file called "update.zip". Copy that file to somewhere on your computer like the desktop.

    6. Finally, upload it to a file sharing site and post the link to it on this thread.

    7. Now, you can now continue the update like normal. To get back to the "Restart and Install" menu as seen above, navigate to Setting> About Phone> System Updates."

    Thank you in advance!
    Following the upload of the update.zip file, I will post a guide on how to force the update for people who did not get the update. I expect to get a copy of the file, but no promises.


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  2. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Yeah, the force update instructions should be the same as for the 2.0.1 update.

    I'm sure we'll see a copy of that update.zip soon, if not the actual path to the Google hosted version, which is what I used to make my N1 2.1-update1 guide :D
  3. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Most likely. This is for just in case if we do not in fact snag a copy of the update.zip or the Google hosted version before the testing tomorrow afternoon.

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  4. superdorf

    superdorf Well-Known Member

    Cool thanks... Subscribing.
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  5. Inphosys

    Inphosys Well-Known Member

    If the lucky recipient needs a place to upload the file to, I will be happy to donate space and bandwidth on one of my web servers. Just PM me! :)
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  6. SkyyPayne

    SkyyPayne Newbie

    Subscribing! Can't wait
  7. MicroNix

    MicroNix Android Enthusiast

    From Moto's Facebook page today:

    Motorola The Android 2.1 upgrade for DROID by Motorola is being deployed to a small number of Verizon Wireless test users tomorrow afternoon. It is expected that the broader phased rollout to all DROID users will begin shortly thereafter—we will keep you posted. A list of enhancements included in the upgrade is available here: http://bit.ly/VZW-DroidEnhancements.
  8. goon55

    goon55 Well-Known Member

  9. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Should we receive a copy of the 2.1 update in the middle of the night while I am sleeping, please PM me about it so I can make my guide to installing it live. PM's come to my email but, I do not get instant notifications. This would be very helpful to me.
  10. cruud

    cruud Well-Known Member

    yeah boiiiiii :D
  11. ihaveadroid

    ihaveadroid Newbie

    do you think that the order people get their update will be in line with the time you activated your phone? (ie people who had their droid when it first came out would get the update before someone who got the droid last weed)
  12. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thats a very good question. However, I have no clue. Any ideas?
  13. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    But the real question is...

    If I get the update.zip tomorrow, how much do you think people will pay me for it? [​IMG]
  14. Bkfraiders7

    Bkfraiders7 Member

    $0.01 since you and I both know your already running it ;)
  15. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    If somebody gets a copy of the update.zip file, PM me. I will give you my email address so that you can send it to me. I now have server space dedicated for this file.
  16. Oh yeah, looking forward to this. I'm sure the update.zip will surface from someone (fingers crossed).
  17. emt27ff

    emt27ff Lurker

    I was told tonight Verizon is releasing to all V.I.P. members first... A manager of a store just told me.
  18. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    That's good news for me then, I'm a VIP :D

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  19. Darkwarrior006

    Darkwarrior006 Well-Known Member

    What makes someone a VIP member?
  20. Inphosys

    Inphosys Well-Known Member

    The fact that you owe your soul to VzW ... and the amount of your monthly bill.

    My VzW bill is $693 a month ... I've been with them since they were Bell Atlantic Mobile (about 14 years now) ... and they own my soul until 2013. Trust me ... you don't want to be a VIP!
  21. daspooten

    daspooten Newbie

    So this means I will have to wait even longer now.... ugh this update better be the bees kn ees or I am switching back to my blackberry.. lol :)
  22. yournamepenor

    yournamepenor Well-Known Member

    lol very funny but how is your bill that much, im vip and mine is not even close to that. but yes they do own my soul too.
  23. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I only pay $220 a month and I'm VIP. It also has to do with how long you've held a contract with Verizon.

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  24. fireshaper

    fireshaper Well-Known Member

    From what I heard it is going to randomly selected individuals. So, it won't matter if you have a Verizon Gold Account or not.
  25. daspooten

    daspooten Newbie

    Better hope on of these people are the lucky thousand to get it at noon eastern

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