please recommend me a good android phone


Hi, I have a Samsung Xcover atm and its just very slow and painful to use. Need a phone with very good battery life and faster then the xcover. Im thinking of the Samsung Beam, seems a bit durable then the galaxy s3 and s4. Dont think i would like the Samsung galaxy with the size off the screen just way too big and pretty thin.

Any ideas would be awesome!!


Android Expert
The S3 and S4 are both excellent phones. The price of the S3 should be coming down quite a bit now that it has been superceded by the S4 so you may be able to get a decent deal.

Since the S4 has struggled to meet sales expectations, it is getting a little cheaper (apparently sales were so poor, Sammy cut the price to networks 4 weeks after launch), but it is still Sammy's top-of-the-range phone, so it won't exactly be cheap.

If you are up for a top-of-the-line device, pretty much every review I've read rated the HTC One as the best phone of the moment. The build quality is amazing and the camera tech is better than anything other than the new Nokia.

If you're looking for a bit of bargain, then the run away favourite has to be the Nexus 4 - a premium spec phone for a very mid-range price. So cheap, you might want to get it contract-free. Awesome and gets Android updates first.

Any of the phones above will be as fast as you need and a delight to use - I'm sure you'd be happy with any one of them. If money were no object, I'd go for the HTC One, however since I'm tight as a duck's derriere, I have a Nexus 4 :D