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Support Please somebody help. Im freaking out.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by willywonkaisrsh, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. willywonkaisrsh

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    Oct 4, 2010
    Just got a Droid of ebay. It came with 2.2 already installed. I didnt know if it was rooted or not so I rooted it using "Soup or Root 2.04." I then proceeded to install CyanogenMod using this guide. I skipped the first part about a backup because there was no need. I then started following the steps for SPRecovery install. But during instillation RSD Lite would get to 100% and say "Please manual power up this phone" and just sits there. So I found this guide that said that was normal sometimes and to just power the phone off and back on. When I did, RSD Lite finally said "Pass."


    Now my phone is acting crazy. It says the battery is dead and there is no service. After unlocking it just goes to a black screen and says "Android System." Sometimes it displaya message "Proccessing system not responding." It went from randomly restarting to now it just turns off after awhile. If I plug the phone up it still tells me to plug up the charger.

    Can someone please help me. I am freaking out that I only had the phone for an hour and now its screwed. I am new to all this rooting stuff and thought I had followed the directions perfect. One thing I did notice is that the guide for installing CyanogenMod says that it was for installing from a stock 2.1 device. Does that make any difference? I stopped trying to install CyanogenMod after this happened. Should I keep going. Please tell me I didn't brick my phone.


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