Please someone help with real information...


I'm at my wit's end here guys. I'm using an SM-T310 16gb internal and 24gb external SD card. When I first set up this device, I was easily able to tell the tab to put all new downloads by default to the sd card. It was a beautiful thing. The USB port blew out, so I sent the device off to Samsung to repair. When I got this device back, it was no longer defaulting to the SD card. The internal storage is full, and I'm sitting on an sd card that is practically empty. I can't download anything, because app manager 3 says there's not a single app it can move to the sd card. So, I'm basically screwed. I have not downloaded and installed KitKat. I've been through 4 call center live chats to Samsung, having one agent more clueless than the next. They're great if you tell them your problem, and invariably, they tell you to turn it off and on; that somehow all will magically be fixed. I need real info. I've navigated to the correct directory through My Files, but no dice. Please help me. I'm seriously ready to use this device as a coaster on my coffee table. Thanks a lot guys. I await your wisdom.


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Post us a picture of your 24GB card - never seen one before. Thought they only come in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc.