Please stop sending me emails!!!!


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OK, maybe I've just missed something. Hopefully you guys can help. In my user CP settings I originally had the thread subscription set to "instant email" because, for some reason I can't imagine, that was the default when I registered and I didn't notice that check box among the other few dozen.

So after my email got flooded with subscribed threads email notification of new posts, I went back and changed the subscription mode to "no email." I continued to get flooded. So I went back and changed it to "no subscription" or "don't subscribe" or whatever. I'm still getting a flood of emails.

What else might I have missed in my CP settings to stop Android Forums from so dominating my inbox that I can hardly find emails that are actually important? This has become a real problem, and looking back through my settings I don't see anything else that would change this behavior.

Mod, admin, someone who can read better than I obviously can... HELP! Please!



You've only changed it for future subscriptions go into your actual list of subscribed threads and delete them.