Please take necessary steps so that I can be able to post.


I am Nousher from Dhaka. I am new at this forum. Today I wished to post a new thread. But I have been said that I have no rights to post any thread. Why?
Please, take necessary steps.


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You've posted a new thread now. ;)

Some sub forums require you to have a certain amount of posts before you can create new threads there. Where were you trying to post?

Actually, I forgotten where I wanted to post my thread.
I want to learn how to download file from FilesTube with android phone. Where will I submit this post?


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Hello and welcome nousher1:)

About that site, FilesTube.
That site is fully of piracy and skirting copyright material which we cannot provide direction, or help with, sorry.
So as far as your question about it, please refrain from asking about it here ok?

Nothing personal at all, but stuff like that is a no-no in here-here ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me k? No worries, I don't bite:D