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Plt 7332g

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by SAVMARMAC, Jan 5, 2014.


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    I need help with my PROSCAN PLT 7332G table. My twin 8 year olds password protected there tablets and don't remember the password. But with this tablet there is no volumn button on the outside. How do you factory reset these kind of tablets?????

  2. olbriar


    Hello SAVMARMAC. Welcome to AF. I'm not familiar with your tablet and see that we do not have a designated area for it's discussion. However, we do have a general tablet discussion area where you might find the information you seek. Here is a link:
    -- General Tablet Talk - Android Forums
    If you've associated the tablet to a Google account you can often gain access after a number of failed attempts. You should be prompted to enter your Google password to unlock the device. I hope this helps.

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