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Plug-and-play Wifi adapter for Linux?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by ROBOCRIPPLE, Jul 8, 2017.


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    I have a desktop computer in one room that runs Linux Mint 18 "Sarah", and the room is usually a 2.4GHz Wifi dead zone; I occasionally get dropouts. I plugged in a cheapo Chinese Wifi adapter, it was able to find my home's 2.4GHz Wifi network (I have a dual-band router) with decent strength, but it never connects to it, NEVER. Next, I connected my D-Link wireless ethernet bridge and now it is working well.

    But, I wanted to use a USB Wifi adapter to reduce the power consumption. The D-Link is on 24/7, and no other ethernet-connected device is plugged into it, which is why I want to use a Wifi adapter powered directly by the computer instead. I bought a dual-band Wifi adapter for this PC, expecting it to work out of the box, but it did not work that way; no detecting Wifi networks. I tried to install the Linux drivers for the dongle and it failed; just returned with errors. I just wasted my money. :(

    Any USB Wifi adapters you'd recommend that is plug-and-play compatible with Linux? Dual-band (compatibility with 5GHz) would be appreciated.


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    Post #4 by ROBOCRIPPLE, Jul 9, 2017 (1 points)

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    Never mind. I didn't waste my money, after all; I got it working, finally! I had to follow these instructions suggested by one Amazon reviewer, instead of trying to install the drivers included in the disc that came with the Wifi adapter. Now, it's connected to my 5GHz band. :)
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