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Plug Composite Video Into Android USB

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by davidapple, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. davidapple

    davidapple Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a HTC Desire.

    Can I somehow plug Composite Video (or HDMI) into the small USB port on my smartphone, use Android to convert the signal and use my phone as a small TV screen?

    Think about it, you could plug your Xbox or PS3 into your phone and use it like a screen.

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  2. No. You cannot take video out of the Desire, nor put video into it.
  3. davidapple

    davidapple Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Why not? How come?
  4. Well, you cannot take video from the Desire because it doesnt have the hardware nor connectivity to support video out. You cannot put video into the desire because it doesnt have the hardware nor connectivity to support video in.
  5. Shak-Attack

    Shak-Attack Lurker

    First Thing:
    Video OUT > YES
    Video IN > NO

    Secondly: Explanation to all this;

    Video OUT can work using Micro Usb to HDMI cable; This is your best (and only decent, HA!) bet...
    Desire Does Support it but its not meant for it (but still works though, that's all that matters)
    (Edit: Picture Above is a quick search for the most known one: Samsung Galaxy Series Cable by Samsung: This is the easiest to find but i personally didn't get it)

    You are basically looking for Micro USB to HDMI but Cost of it will be from 40-90 dollars. (CDN) so we are talking 30 dollars to 75 Dollars (U.S)

    no point going cheap on these wires, because if it gets a surge or a shock-back from the HDMI side the phone cant handle the stress and you'll have a Fried chipset (Cable must be decent other wise it will cause lag on transfer and cause shock back data; highest damage it can cause is Fried Chipset, but generally you are looking into Data Corruption as your most probable failure - This is ONLY if the cable is cheap quality)

    Monster is out with this cable port type already. I already own one and tested it. Works Great. :)

    All of the Above is for VIDEO OUT.

    Now As for Video IN (Using to Play Games on your phone using the LCD as your Screen):
    Please oh God PLEASE do NOT try to do VIDEO IN.
    Two Things will happen:
    1. Nothing (THIS IS GOOD)
    2. You will Damage your Hardware internally (Fry the Chipset or have a Negative Electrical feedback; THIS IS OBVIOUSLY BAD)

    Your LCD screen is not a TV and Dont think of it as one either. The Closest thing to that is playing Media server based via Wi-fi. (Programs like ALLSHARE etc) No Live feed though.

    Although i also wish i can do it somehow. *Starts to devise a plan* i'll get back to you if i find a way.

    *Edit: Added Description to the Picture to better explain it
  6. davidapple

    davidapple Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the awesome and detailed explanation Shak-Attack, you've answered everything I was thinking about and then some. Good job I didn't try plugging anything in/out.

    I watched a video of someone taking their PSP apart and putting it back together again with an added video in socket that connects directly to the screen. Bit of a drastic measure though.

    Is there a way to use bluetooth to send live video from a games console to the screen? Even if it's low quality? Surely if composite video is essentially high pitched audio, it can easily be sent via bluetooth and converted to video using android? no?...
  7. not over bluetooth.
  8. Shak-Attack

    Shak-Attack Lurker

    You're Welcome...
    No - No possibility of Live Feed. Bluetooth doesnt do Video Transfer (Only Object push is the closest and you're phone doesnt have enough power to do such thing, nor does a computer unless is really high end)

    I thought of something - Pretty Lame though.
    Using Remote access to connect your Phone to the computer and have the computer be fed the gaming system vide via TV tuner card.
    So it works like this: Video Game > Plugs into TV Tuner card > which is hooked inside of PC > Which pretty much has your monitor run videos that the game feed is sending you > Remote Access Wifi (Some programs exsist on Market) > Phone sees the Screen of computer.
    1 Major Issue.
    Gaming is meant to be On the Dot Reaction games (Most of the time) - You're gonna get 2-4 second delay time...
    This is not a good gaming experience, and if you are a hard core gamer - Last thing i want you to do is through your phone at a wall because you lost a round/life/car/money/mashrooms :p

    Anyways... as of right now, still looking into it, but im seriously not finding any luck. (Besides transferring ALREADY recorded video with such program as ALLSHARE i can not find Live Feed)

    So Bottom Line. Bluetooth is not possible for Live Feed Video. It doesnt have the protocol/profile for it. (ever)
  9. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    It is possible to stream video over Bluetooth. I've done it with my Nokia Symbian phone for using it as a webcam.

    Its still not incredibly useful though beyond purposes that low res is acceptable, since Bluetooth is so slow.
  10. Shak-Attack

    Shak-Attack Lurker

    Exactly. Over network/Wifi and Video Output Bluetooth is NOT possible. i know what you mean, but Bluetooth does not support Live Video Feed.

    That is the point to be made...

    If you are talking about Bluetooth webcam, it has to be done with software that supports it. even though bluetooth is much available in almost all devices with sub-interface it doesnt give you enough resource to give a video feed constantly as for rich video.

    So to connect the two dots. its available. but NOT for this scenario.. (but please do prove me wrong as i would love to make myself more knowledgeable if i happen to be wrong)
  11. droiduzr2

    droiduzr2 Android Enthusiast

    David, cool idea.
    Maybe you can email some of the phone makers or get the developers to write the code to make it happen thus leaving the phone makers to add the hardware in the phone...basically if possible remove one less barrier for them to say no.

    It would be a BIG jump for Android to do this because it is one more thing an Iphone can not do.
  12. Shak-Attack

    Shak-Attack Lurker

    it has nothing to do with Andriod.
    It has nothing to do with OS.

    It has to do with Technology.
    Bluetooth simply wont be a reliable source of Constant Video and Audio transfer...
    Is the program writable? probably... i can give it a try.. but is it good? Not at all... 1. it will Drain your battery (Regardless of what settings you change, bluetooth WILL drain your battery if used in a constant A/V transmission. 2. the quality of it is VERY low... so. Hooking it up to a TV will be like playing Sega Genesis... (nothing wrong with playing Sega, mine still works LOL Classic)
  13. meeran805

    meeran805 Lurker

    is it possible over VGA to micro USB !!!!
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